Classique Kids ships to 4 main countries:


13 - 20 business days



united kingdom gold map silhouette
United Kingdom
20 - 40 business days





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United States of America
25 business days






Canada gold map silouette
16 - 26 business days




 Please note that the above shipping times are approximate estimations and may be subject to variations depending on whether or not your country’s customs decide to hold/inspect your parcel(s), in which case you must contact your related government agencies to resolve the matter.

The Impact of COVID

Please be aware  that COVID19 has delayed the delivery system a fair bit and in some cases severely so, particularly internationally. What used to be the above shipping times can still sometimes apply, however now we're often seeing deliveries being made anywhere between two weeks to three months. This is due to various factors such as overwhelming online demand, short-staffed post offices, cancelled flights, increased customs checks and more. 

We kindly ask that you keep this in mind when purchasing, and that you allow more time for the delivery of your orders.


Don't see your country? Don't stress!

Other countries around the world may be eligible for our shipping services. If you are from a country not mentioned above and you would like shipping information for your country, please contact us via email with that request and we will be happy to help you. 


How much will shipping cost?

Cost of shipping for our 4 main countries (Australia, USA, Canada, UK) is a flat rate of $10AUD.

For other countries however, this may increase.
Please contact us BEFORE you place an order so we can determine shipping rates and times for you.



All shipping is made through a trackable courier and you will receive your tracking number(s) via email after order is shipped (it takes up to 5 business days for the tracking number to update).


Customs & Import Taxes

Please keep in mind that at times, your country’s customs office will hold the parcel for inspection or other reasons, and so shipping times will be delayed. Please note that if this does occur for your order it is your responsibility to chase it up, not ours. Please also note that any customs tax/fees applied to your purchase are payable by you, not Classique Kids, and it is your responsibility to look up any fees that may apply to your order with your government.